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Engine Booster Industrial

Engine Booster Industrial

EBI 3000

Engine Booster Industrial 3000


EBI 9000

Engine Booster Industrial 9000

Boost your truck or coach's horsepower, reduce fuel cost and cut harmful exhaust emissions.

Engine Booster Industrial (EBI) is designed to boost the efficiency of diesel combustion engines. EBI is one of several Protonic Boosters, all designed specifically to boost the power while actually reducing fuel consumption and cost, and simultaneously reducing toxic gas emissions. All this is made possible only with IPC’s proprietary EUPHORIA TECHNOLOGY™.

Requires installation of a Power Booster Industrial.

Components Required:

  • 1 Engine Booster Industrial to be attached by means of 4 heat resistant cable ties as close as possible to the engine onto the fuel line.
  • In addition one Power Booster must be installed on the positive cable of the battery next to the terminal by means of 4 heat resistant cable ties.

Key Product Benefits

  • Reduce fuel consumption by 10%-30%
  • Increase horse power by 13%-25%
  • Increase efficiency of ignition
  • Boost torque by 5%-15%
  • Boost throttle response time
  • Boost speed of acceleration
  • Decrease toxic gas emission by 15%-50%
  • Reduce cabin noise levels

Key Product Features

  • Increase efficiency in mixing vaporized fuel with oxygen, as a result, the compression ignition efficiency of diesel fuel will be improved
  • Simple and direct installation, no mechanical or programming modification is required
  • 5 year warranty
  • No maintenance is necessary within the entire warranty period
  • Stable performance, function will not deteriorate within the entire designated operational period

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EBI 3000 - $1,990.00 US dollar

EBI 9000 - 2,290.00 US dollar

Product information:



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